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Can you utilize and store the lights we currently own?
No, we cannot guarantee the quality and safety of lights not provided by us.

Do we own the décor, or is it rented/leased?
Great Valley maintains ownership of the lights but the lights are included as a part of the design proposal. With our service program we can replace any lights as needed or change colors whenever your tastes change in a subsequent season.

Do you charge extra to store the lighting for the following year?
No, our package price quote includes design, installation, service, take down and storage.

Do you provide a warranty in case something stops working or is damaged?
We maintain your display throughout the season with proactive service visits, making sure everything remains in working order. This is included in your plan.

Are the lights you use any different than those I can purchase at a retail store?
Yes! Our décor is commercial-grade and manufactured to be of the utmost quality, including longer-life bulbs on the lighting, lush, life-like greenery, outdoor extension cords that are UL rated, damage-free accessories, and much more!

Do you provide all the electrical work needed, or is an electrician required?
If you have sufficient outdoor electric outlets, your installation should not require the need of an outside electrician. Most designs can operate off of 1-2 outlets. Some larger displays may require extra power sources, resulting in the need for external electrical help.

Who do we contact for service should there be a problem?
Please contact us. We are your one stop shop for your outdoor décor installation. In addition to our one complimentary proactive service call, you may call us at any time should there be a problem with your installation.

How early should we call to request a quote and/or get an installation date?
 The calendar fills up fast and with a short window for decorating, we recommend calling as early as possible.

What is the cost for installation and take-down?
As each property and our customer’s tastes are unique, the cost can vary from $1,000 to several thousand dollars. Your plan is specialized to you and your needs. We will provide several options and you can always add or subtract from your proposal as your budget allows.

Are we able to schedule the takedown time?
We aim to provide a timely take down service. Specific weeks for take down are scheduled on a first-come first-served basis. If you have a special deadline to have your installation removed, please be sure to mention this to your Design Consultant.

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